Toaks pot set and Trangia stove

Wednesday, April 27, 2016,


in Reise/ travel, Hardware

In preparation of my next trip I bought a Trangia stove completely made from anodized aluminium except the pan grip. Regrettably Trangia doesn’t offer it’s product made from titanium anymore.

Then I saw the Toaks Titanium pot set: two pots with 1,35l and 0,9l, a lid and a pan. I thought: regarding their dimensions (height 8 cm, maximum diameter 14,5 cm) they may fit into the stove system and ordered the set. Additionally, I’d have some more volume to cook in one go.

After removing all handles and without the lid, the weight of the Toaks set (two pots and the pan) was 220g on my analogue scales compared to the 260g of the two Trangia pots and the pan made from aluminium.

You got to decide yourself if it is worth to spend the money on the Toaks pot set to cut down the weight by 40g. :)

Regarding the fitting with the Trangia:
* The big pot fits well on the stove.
* The small pot sits a little askew which one could mend by banding the Trangia pot supports a little but I don’t care.
* The Toaks pan sits a little narrow on the supports, all the time in danger of sliding down one of them so it would sit askew. This can be avoided by either bending the supports or placing a tiny stone or a piece of cardboard behind of each of them.
* When packing the stove all fits together satisfyingly. The pot supports stick out a little upwards but are well protected by the Toaks pan.
* The Trangia belt holds the packed stove with the Toaks pots and pan easily. If you add the Trangia pan on top, it still fits.
* Instead of the Trangia belt you can also use the pouch of the bigger Toaks pot. It won’t enclose the whole stove set when having the Trangia pan on top, but it fits sufficiently.
* In case you don’t want to reduce weight but need a third pot on the way: pack the two Trangia pots and add the 0.9l Toaks pot on top. Again the set will fit together well.

All the above combinations I tested with the Toaks handles removed since I want to cut down weight. Their ends are just clipped into the pots so removing them is no deal. The Trangia pan grip works on them well. Only the Toaks pan you must handle with greater care using the grip since its rim is bend a little too spacious to fit exactly into the grip.

In short: I don’t regret buying the Toaks pot set as replacement, but it wasn’t that necessary.