On the road again

Dienstag, 9. August 2016,


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Started travelling last monday and finally manage to post about it.
Most of the time I will silently upload some images - see “Galerie” to the left.

Reisebericht Wanderung durch Wales 2015

Donnerstag, 17. März 2016,


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Etwas knapper gefasst, dafür um einiges schneller ins Internet gestellt:
Wanderung Wales 2015

Bild: Machynlleth - Uhrturm
Bild: Snowdon - Gipfel-Sturm
Bild: Pen Yr Ole Wen - Gipfelblick

Reisebericht Albanien-Wanderung Sommer 2014

Mittwoch, 2. März 2016,


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Lange hat es gedauert, aber endlich habe ich es geschafft:
Der Bericht zu meiner dreiwöchigen Wanderung – diesmal mit einigen kleinen Pannen – durch Albanien im August 2014 ist relativ vollendet und online.
Ehe ich noch länger daran herumschraube, überlasse ich das dritte Gegenlesen der werten Leserschaft. ;)

Hugin und Sony Xperia

Samstag, 13. Februar 2016,


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Beim Erstellen von Panoramen aus Bildern eines Sony Xperia Z1 Compact war ich fast am Verzweifeln, weil die Fotos total verbogen dargestellt und Kontrollpunkte fast nie automatisch gesetzt wurden.
Zum Glück fiel mir auf, das Hugin offenbar gelegentlich die Brennweite der Fotos änderte (sichtbar im Tab “Bilder).
Nach etwas Versuch und Irrtum stellte sich heraus, dass alle Automatismen in Hugin problemlos funktionieren, wenn ich den Bildern eine Brennweite von 24mm zuwies –einfach alle Bilder auswählen und in das Brennweite-Feld “24” schreiben. Etwas weniger geht auch, aber die in den EXIF-Daten enthaltenen 5mm sind offenbar für Hugin völlig unverträglich.

Verfallende Hütte vor Schlucht bei Kalaj

in Corovode

Sonntag, 24. August 2014,


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A lot of pictures, little text. Am in Corovode after finishing the planned hiking trip. Revisited the Pirogoshi Cave, this time with lamp.

Slaughtering a sheep at spring Shenepremtes

Gorge at Lenia

Camp at Lenia

A farmer at his house who invited me for coffee

Gorge at Lenia again

Waterfalls of Sotira

Waterfalls of Sotira

lone pine tree at Tomorr/Partizani

Shepherds hut at Tomorr/Partizani

Shepherds hut at Tomorr/Partizani

Sheep at shepherds hut at dusk at Tomorr/Partizani

glowing something at Tomorr/Partizani

snow filled hole/cave at Tomorr/Partizani

View from peak Partizani

View from Mt. Tomorr

Crystals on Mt. Tomorr

Dew Pond on Mt. Tomorr

Peak Kulmake on Mt. Tomorr (finally)

Tuerbe near peak Kulmake

Bektashi festival at night (with forest on fire)

Radesh/Gradec Canyon (again)

Pirogoshi cave (again)

In Gjinar - 16.08.2014; 16:23

Sonntag, 17. August 2014,


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Walked from Elbasan to Gjinar, had beautiful views both before and behind me.
Not much news today - am still in civilisated parts of Albania. :)

There is a bed&breakfast, a good restaurant (the food was better better than yesterday at Kriva Resort) and some more, shops, fuel stations and obviously an internet cafe.

Night in Elbasan

Elbasan and surroundings from away and above

Church of Shelcan from inside

… and outside

First view of Lenia Mountain (I assume)

Addendum to yesterdays entry:

The old couple I met two days ago near Val

In Elbasan - 15.08.2014; 21:52

Sonntag, 17. August 2014,


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Made it to Elbasan today thanks to an early start, a mule ride and a trip in a 26-seater mini bus. I still cannot confirm that Albanian drivers are supposed to be reckless. As long as we were in the mountains we didn’t exceed 40 km/h. Especially at the landslides the driver was very careful. On the big main road we didn’t go faster than 60 km/h and all 45-50 passengers reached safe and sound their destinations.
Below some pictures I saw between Peshkopi and Elbasan; some of the reports are to show on my blog (I hope).

a house in near Lene (Kraste)

farmers kitchen

camp in a ravine under a bridge

said bridge and ravine from above

Man at barn in village Val

400 goats (I was told) near village Val

Entrance of Cave Val here

Cave Val - as far as I went (ca 170 meters)

old graveyard

market in Elbasan

First sign of life from Shqiperia/2014

Samstag, 9. August 2014,


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After landing in Vienna illuminated by a lot of lightning the rest of the journey to Tirana was not too spectacular. On 4th of August I went by bus near near Mashterkore and started hiking - straight uphill.
Some km before Gryke Orosh I was overtaken by an Italian car which I later overtook since its coupling was broken.

Still far away from Nenshejt I camped since I was tired enough. I had walked some km in Tirana already.
Next morning a family in a Jeep was so kind to take me to the next spring since I was out of water.

Crossing the highland and descending to Krej Lure gave some nice views, but during the latter a heavy thunderstorm started. One lightning and thunder did startle even me, else it was just a nuisance (and the shoes got soaked completely).
Asking for Hotel Tourizmi in Fushe Lure resulted in an invitation to a private house - very nice and interesting experience.


Next day I climbed Lura mountain after visiting five of the lakes - I was told afterwards that I most probably have missed two. I descended to Kroi Bardhe and was able to find Kroi Zi, too.

Kroi Bardhe

The hospitable Albanian and retired economist Nikolla showed me around, invited me to lunch and breakfast and next morning he drove me to Krej Lure - again.
Though I had planned a route which would have been 19 km across the mountains I preferred to walk 17 more easy km on the roads.

300 goats near Kroi Zi

some sheep near Kroi Zi

Breakfast with Nikolla

two cows and a decaying house in Krej Lure

looking back on Krej Lure (on the walk to Fushe Lure - again)

There were demanding enough - especially the descent in Gure Lure.

Gure Lure with waiting rain

On the next day I failed to find the remains of an old castle of Skanderbeg being much to optimistic.
But I could gather some informations for the next days walk. This went along the famous, though maybe mostly unknown channel from Gure Lure to Cidhen and was not as bad as some people had promised. :)

Beginning of the channel from Gure Lure and the Canyon of Seta

I also found Shpelle and Burim Sopanikes (which is not too hard if you know the spring is supposed to shed 150 l/second).
(addendum) The location is here - on the Bing Imagery you see clearly the water flowing north.

Shpella e Sopanikes - an about 15 m high dome

some water from Burim e Sopanikes

At the farmers house: the usual (and traditional) bread in Albania

helpful farmer’s son

Then I met a helpful farmer which (of course) invited me for a coffee, offered some food, too, and then his son showed me the right way to Peshkopi.
Luckily another helpful man gave me a lift for 8 km, else I’d have a hard time - today I walked altogether about 30 km plus exploring the cave.

Reisebericht Albanien-Wanderung 2013 online

Freitag, 2. Mai 2014,


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Sehr verehrtes Publikum, ;)

endlich habe ich es geschafft, meinen Reisebericht zu Wanderung des letzten Jahres inklusive Karten, Höhenmetern und Bildern fertig- und ins Internet zu stellen.
Mein Weg führte unter anderem durch etwas abgelegenere Regionen, den Lengariça-Canyon und über die Berge Dhëmbel, Nemërçka und Lunxhërisë.
Zur Lektüre geht es hier entlang.

Einige weitere Bilder sind bei Wikimedia Commons zu finden.

Viel Vergnügen beim Lesen und Betrachten!

Hochtal zwischen Dhëmbel- und Nemërçka by malenki; CC-by-SA 3.0

kein Gewitter

Sonntag, 4. August 2013,


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- die ganze Nacht lang. Von den vielen Fotos sind die schönsten hier zu sehen.


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